Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the Women’s Charity Foundation Inc., a charity organization founded in 2015 and headquartered in Miami. We are founded by a group of successful women who have passion in charity and devote themselves to our society helping with families or individuals with any kind of disability.

Here, we sincerely invite you to assist us in our coming huge charity Event-Dance of the Soul. For the first time, Beijing Heart Voice Disabled People’s Art Troupe will come to Florida and give performance.  In China, almost all the people are familiar with them. They provide excellent performance, which had been covered by more than 3000 media.

All of these performers are disable people. They were born with sort of disability or were involved in some unfortunate incident at a very young age. Some were even abandoned by their parents and went to orphanage. However, they did not give up, instead they took trains and practiced again and again in the troupe in order to prove that they can create and enjoy beauty of life just like the normal people. Their performance includes Dance, Acrobat, Magic Show, Orchestra, Solo Vocal and Chorus. They perform with soul and have inspire group after group of people to think hard about what is the true meaning of life and love. But they still need help from society for their training and living costs.

We cordially invite you to join us in either of these two ways:

1, It will definitely be our honor to co-sponsor this event with you. If you sell tickets for us, we will return 10% of the sales revenue to your organization. We are also looking forward to the future cooperation.

2, We will also sincerely appreciate your kindness and generousness if you decide to donate. 35 performers in this troupe will come and the food, accommodation and transportation will cost a lot.

Thanks and Regards,
Woman’s Charity Foundation Inc.


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